"Awakening the Mystic in You: Messages of Light from the Christian Mystics"
An inspirational  book by Ramona Harris

Ramona is a spiritual director available for individual spiritual direction, group spiritual direction, or retreat spiritual direction.
She is also available for presentations on Christian mystics.

Spiritual Direction is offered by Ramona Harris. If you are interested in deepening your relationship with the Divine, spiritual direction may be for you. For more information, contact Ramona Harris, 209-988-1508, serving the Modesto, CA area, or check out her website at    Ramonaharris.org

Workshops on Christian Mystics available:

Praying with the Christian Mystics (Deepening one's love for the Divine)
Praying with the Feminine Wisdom of the Christian Mystics
Praying with the Rugged Humility of the Christian Mystics
Praying for Social Justice with the Christian Mystics

Each workshop is scheduled for a 6 hour presentation which can be modified to meet your needs.  One hour presentations are also available.

Contact:  Ramonarharris@gmail.com OR call 209-988-1508.
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