Awakening the Mystic in You
is a journey to the wisdom of the heart. The book is a compilation of profound quotations from 52 Christian mystics, men and women whose wisdom cuts across the boundaries of religion, culture, time and space. These divinely inspired quotations and reflections were chosen specifically because they are uplifting, full of hope, light, and love. This book will assist one in re-discovering his or her uniqueness and worth, recapture a vibrancy for life, and renew a desire to live life authentically and to the fullest; which is pretty important since we only get one shot at it! 

"Awakening the Mystic in You: Messages of Light from the Christian Mystics"
An inspirational  book by Ramona Harris

Ramona is a spiritual director available for individual spiritual direction, group spiritual direction, or retreat spiritual direction.
She is also available for presentations on Christian mystics.

               $17.99 plus $3.99 shipping to U.S. customers. 

 International shipping rates apply. If you are not in the U.S., please contact me at  & I will provide you with the accurate shipping costs.
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